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Below are links to information for transsexuals and their partners. Other links for partners can be found on the Wives page. I don't have as much personal experience with this as I do with crossdressers, obviously, but I do know that the partners of transsexuals need as much, if not more support as the partners of crossdressers! I hope these links will provide you with support and information. For more great resources, please visit my transgender bookstore!

Don't be an Airhead! Please read this, for me? I think it's a really important piece!

Oh my God, He's changing himself into a woman!
Lengthy page written for wives and partners of transsexuals by the crossdresser who did the page above.

Site for transsexuals, and their partners and families.

UK organization for families, partners, and friends of transsexuals.

Transsexualism and Gender Transition FAQ for significant others, friends, family, employers, coworkers
Information and support for families of the transsexual.

When You Love the One You're With
Great site done by the wife of a TS.

Lynnie's "Genetic Girl's Guide to Transgenderism"

This site, for me, is difficult to see, but does provide one genetic girl's view of what it's like being with a TS.

Medical and Other Resources for (MtF) Transsexual Women
Good informational site for transsexual information.

Legal Aspects of Transsexualism
For those of you wondering what will happen after surgery, legally.

Transsexual Road Map
New Zealand Transsexual Men's and Women's Resources

A site with resources for transgender parents (not the parents of a transsexual, but a site for folks who are transgendered)

Children of Transsexuals
Great resource for children whose parents have under-gone or are in the process of having their sex changed.

My Transsexual Father
An article written by the son of a transsexual.



For information about the TGSO1 mailing list, which provides support to the genetic female partners of folks all along the transgendered spectrum, click on the TGSO mailing list link below:

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