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Please visit the links below for some of the best, non-'smutty' resources for crossdressers, transvestites, and others along the transgendered spectrum. Also, please visit my transgender bookstore for more terrific resources!

Telling Your Wife or Girlfriend
READ THIS PAGE before you talk to your significant other!!
If you've already told her, and things are going well, read this:
On CD Troubles with your Wife

Don't be an Airhead! Please read this, for me? I think it's a really important piece!

The International Foundation for Gender Education
Gender Education and Advocacy
Above and Beyond Gender Resources
Transgender Forum
Planet Out
International Online Transgender Magazine
Gender Talk (online radio)
Tri-ESS Chapter Resources
Jamie Renae's Homepage for Crossdressers
Christian Crossdresser's Confession
New American Christian Church
Renaissance Transgender Organization
The Beaumont Society

Henry & June Lingerie



For information about the TGSO1 mailing list, which provides support to the genetic female partners of folks all along the transgendered spectrum, click on the TGSO mailing list link below:


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