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The TGSO1 Mailing List

I started TGSO several years ago to provide a place for the genetic female partners, wives, and friends of crossdressers to be able to talk about their concerns, their lives, their happy moments, and their sad times. It has grown over the years to also encompass the partners of transsexuals as well. The name was eventually changed to TGSO1 due to a small foul-up with the list-server.

TGSO1 is a list for genetic (born) female partners of MtF (Male to Female) transgendered folk (including, but not limited to, crossdressers, pre-op transsexuals, post-op transsexuals, non-op transsexuals and transvestites). It is a learning forum to exchange information and to find support. TGSO1 is not affiliated with any other group or organization. The attitudes of the members cover the spectrum of acceptance from total acceptance and support to not accepting at all and really struggling, with most members falling somewhere in between. All places along the spectrum of acceptance are welcome here, but we ask that you respect people at different places than you are and realize that we all move along the spectrum.

For more information about the list, go to or contact me.

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