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Please explore these links for wives and significant others of of crossdressers, transvestites, and other folks along the transgendered spectrum. I've chosen them because I think they are among the best resources available.

If your partner is, or thinks he might be, a transsexual (wants to become a woman full time, and/or have surgery), please also check out the Transsexual Links page.

Also, please explore my transgender bookstore to find great books that can help you learn more about this life!

TGSO1: A list for the genetic female partners of transgendered men.

Excellent article providing definitions, as well as information about Sexual orientation vs. gender identity, vs. sexual identity.

The Watson Table
Interesting table presenting a kind of classification of the continuum of transgenderism from crossdressing for sexual excitement to transsexuality.

The Psychology of Crossdressing
Informative article on some of the reasons for crossdressing.

Crossdressing: Page for their Wives and Girlfriends
Supportive page, written for the partners of crossdressers by a crossdresser.

Support for Wives of Crossdressers, CDSO
Good informational site, geared toward the TS.

Nature's Paths
Rainbow Trail
Gender Education & Advocacy
Coping with Crossdressing
Star's T* SO Page
Renaissance Background Paper #1
Master's Thesis: A Study of the Components of Gender Identity
Gender Resources - Couples & Significant Others - Above & Beyond
The Sweetheart Connection
Wives' and Crossdressers' Bills of Rights
Do You Know a Crossdresser?
Joy and Martha's Home Page
When You Love the One You're With


Henry & June Lingerie


For information about the TGSO1 mailing list, which provides support to the genetic female partners of folks all along the transgendered spectrum, click on the TGSO mailing list link below:

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